Do you need Fox Strategy Consulting?

  • Is your company facing increased competition from domestic and international competitors?
  • Do your sales representatives and mangers increasingly say they need to offer deeper price discounts to make sales?
  • Is your company focused more on cost cutting at the expense of growth and innovation?
  • Are you blaming your company’s slow growth on your market?
  • Is M&A (mergers and acquisitions) the way your company is looking to grow?
  • Are you funding “me too” products to match a strategic move made by your competitor instead of funding a strategic move to break away from the competition?
  • Is your company worried about the commoditization of its offerings?
  • Are your company’s costs growing faster than revenues?
  • Is your company  under-performing relative to its competitors?
  • Are you losing market share to either existing or new competitors?
  • Are your new products delivering expected margin improvements?
  • Have you assessed your investment portfolio to understand exposure in different markets, customers and partners?
  • Do you want an independent, objective evaluation and validation of your management strategy?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then your company needs Fox Consulting.