Early-Stage Company Services

Startups and early-stage companies are the most fragile, have little in the way of resources and the biggest challenges ahead. Developing a new startup business is one of the biggest challenges in life, and generally requires experience in at least five key business disciplines to do well:  product & service development, finance, sales, marketing and operations.

Working closely with the senior management team and board, DTI applies our proven frameworks to develop an implementation plan for an integrated go-to-market strategy, which ties together the company’s business model, sales channel strategy, marketing program, financial requirements and service delivery methodology.

In order for entrepreneurs and their teams to be successful, they must not only have startup and industry domain experience, but all these skills must be available to design the initial business model and launch strategy at both the strategic and tactical levels. Taking all these disciplines into account and then allocating resources appropriately for the specific situation among these areas requires much business experience and entails many trade-offs and judgment calls. Only actual experience in startups can be the best guide here. Identifying and managing risks is also something only experience and knowledge can conquer.

Advisory & Mentoring
  • Business Plan Review and Critique
  • Coaching & Mentor Programs
  • Interim and Part-time Management
  • Business Model Development
  • Independent Director
Product Management
  • Complete Financing Readiness Review & Critique
  • Vision Tune-up And Enhancement
  • Organizational Development & Planning
  • Financing
  • Drive Sales & Reduce Costs
Product Marketing & Positioning
  • SWOT Analysis of Your Business
  • Product Management & Development
  • Product Positioning
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Strategy and Business Plans